Estimate Pricing

Water Mitigation & Emergency Services

Professional Insurance Claim Services has a price of 1.5% of the estimate, with a minimum of $150 for any residential water mitigation services, any class of water.

$150 without sketch

$175 with sketch

After $50,000 in written value, we follow the All Services fee schedule listed below. This includes any emergency services you perform on a water damage, fire or other loss. Commercial water losses follow the All Services fee schedule.

Roofing & Supplementing Estimating Services

Call Professional Insurance Claim Services for more information or to get an estimate – 225-276-1199.

All Other Estimating Services

In order to ensure fair pricing and encourage repeat business, we charge 1% of the estimate with a $200 minimum for every Xactimate estimate we write, regardless of what service is required.

  • Weather Reconstruction
  • Mold
  • Sewage
  • Content Packout
  • Content Cleaning
  • Fire/Soot and Odor Removal
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Biohazard/Trauma
  • ANY and ALL Services

The rate for these estimates is as follows:

$200 up to 25k in written amount.

$1 per $1,000 in value written beyond 25K.