Additional Services

On-Site Estimating

Professional Insurance Claim Services not only provides remote estimating, but we also will travel to your location for a daily rate, plus expenses. This can be an amazing tool in your arsenal during storm and weather events, a large loss or just for a difficult claim that you would like to get right from the start.

Project Management

In need of an experienced restoration estimating professional to help you work a large and/or complex job? Have a huge influx of work? Professional Insurance Claim Services can help! We will travel to your loss site for a daily rate, plus expenses and manage your job from the cradle to the grave, or as far as you need us to go. Having one of our certified and experienced Restoration Project Managers taking control of your job will allow you to take on more work or take on a job type you have never done, allowing you to expand your company's services.

Business Development & Training

Professional Insurance Claim Services strives to become a functional part of your team. We will provide you exceptional estimates as well as share and provide our expert knowledge to all of our clients. We will share documents, industry contacts, area referrals, staff training recommendations and any advice on insurance related damage estimates.