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Water Mitigation

A number of factors influence water damage repair costs. We've got you covered.


For reconstruction from mold, fire, asbestos and more, we provide easy rates and 24 hour service.

On-Site Estimating

We provide on-site estimating and will travel to your location for a daily rate, plus expenses.

Residential Roofing Estimates & Supplements

Allow the customer to walk you through all areas of concern and express their concerns. Go into the rooms next to the rooms of concern. Make sure there is no additional damage they have not seen yet. Then walk through and measure all of the rooms. Measure and note the size of all trim, doors, windows and cabinets. Measurements should include the height of the room. If replacing floors, measure all rooms that has those floors in. If painting, then follow the paint into the next room for open concept areas. Make note if floors are wood, engineered, or laminate.

The next thing is to take pictures, lots of pictures. In each room:

  • Take pictures of all areas of the ceiling.
  • Take pictures of each wall. If a wall cannot fit in 1 picture, take multiple pictures.
  • Take pictures of the floors.
  • Take pictures of the damage.
  • Label the pictures.
  • If there was drying done in the room, take pictures of gaps in trim and cabinets that was made by the drying process.

Make notes of what you think needs to be repaired and replaced and why.

For contents in the room, take overall room pictures so we can properly estimate the number of boxes, bubble wrap, and hours it will take to pack out.

For exterior work, get measurements of each elevation with doors and windows. You may do that or get an eagle view of the walls. For metal siding, take a picture with a gauge to show the thickness of the metal. Take pictures of the damages List what you think needs to be replaced and why.

For roofs, take pictures of each slope with a slope gauge. Eagle view does not get this every time and you may need to go back to get it. Take a picture of the thickness of the shingle. Take pictures of drip edge, valley metals, all flashing, and all vents. Write down how many vents and type there are.

Turn all of these items into us and this can usually enable us to write most estimates.

Can a dumpster or pod be placed at the property? Some associations do not allow it or there is no room.

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